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Types of Veterinary Practices

Small Animal Vet

Small animal vets mainly deal with the care and treatment of household pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. So if your new puppies and kittens need pet vaccinations or you cat or dog needs neutering, this type of veterinary surgeon is trained to perform pet vaccinations, surgery and general health checks for a range of small animals. Small animal veterinary surgeons are the most common type of vet you’ll find in the UK.

Large Animal Vet

A large animal veterinary surgeon is primarily concerned with the health and productivity of a group of large animals rather than an individual animal. You are most likely to find this type of vet working as part of a farm team and the vet will be responsible for treating disease and balancing nutrition.

Equine Vet

Equine veterinary surgeons are specially trained to treat horses. Obviously, horses are different in anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and husbandry to other domestic animals, and that is why many horse owners prefer to use the services of an equine vet when their horse is sick or injured. In most cases an equine vet will first train as a general vet and then study for specialist qualifications later.

Exotic Animal Vet

An exotic animal vet undertakes extra training to treat exotic animals, such as ferrets, small rodents, iguanas, turtles, snakes and lizards. Like an equine vet, an exotic vet first trains as a general vet and then studies for further qualifications in their speciality. Vets specialising in the treatment of exotic animals are likely to be found working in private practices as well as in zoos.

Avian Vet

Avian vets specialise in treating birds, and can be found working in private practices, zoos and bird sanctuaries. This type of vet will undertake specialist training in the care and treatment of birds after completing their general veterinary training.

Other types of Vets

There are a number of other types of vets that you might find working in the UK today and they include: feline vets, who specialise in the care of kittens and cats; cardiology vets, who study an animalís heart; dental vets, who take care of your petís teeth; marine vets, who care for marine animals; and holistic vets, who take care of all types of animals through the use of holistic medicines.

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