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If you have a pet or youíre thinking of getting a pet, then at some time or another youíre going to need the services of a UK veterinary practice. Luckily, has all the information and advice you will need to find the right vet for your pet, whether itís a dog, cat, rabbit, canary or iguana.

Here youíll find details about what to consider when choosing a vet, handy hints about what to expect when you take your pet to the vets, and information about the different types of vets, including specialist vets, that work in the UK today.

Along with all this information there is a listings section with contact details for veterinary practices and veterinary surgeons across the UK, including vets in Fife, Bradford, Scunthorpe, London, Liverpool and Belfast. So what are you waiting for? Use now, and find a veterinary surgeon to care for your beloved pet.

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